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Hades and his Witch Bonus Epilogue - Audio

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Narrated by John York

Length: 15 minutes

What happens a few days after Hades and Sandro get married?

Find out in the free bonus epilogue of Hades and his Witch.

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Book Description

I'm dying, and the only one who can save me is him.

Hades, king of the Underworld, god of the dead, ruler of... Honestly? He's got too many names to list.

You know the guy.

Apparently, I need him to survive this disease that's been a death sentence since I was born.

ApparentlyI'm also the reincarnation of his queen, Persephone. How's that for a kicker?

Little, hideous me, who uses tattoos to cover his endless flaws and whose only power is seeing death at every corner.

And apparently, we have to do the deed to save me from certain demise.

Yeah. If I wasn't so, I'd think it was a very elaborate scheme to get me into bed.

But even that goes wrong.

So. Terribly. Wrong.

And now everything is effed up.

Figures. Only I could break the god of the freaking dead.

Hades and his Witch is the second book in the Demon Gods series, a spin-off series set in the Cursed Hearts universe.

Inside you'll find a magical tattoo artist in need of saving, a god of death who's a hopeless romantic, ghostly "interactions", and a snarky mobile phone (among other things). Written in British English with US spelling and grammar.

This book can be read as a standalone.


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